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Residential Exposure Assessment

RRP $629.99

Residential Exposure Assessment: A Source Book is the result of a multiyear effort known as the Residential Exposure Assessment Project (REAP) which was initiated by the Society for Risk Analysis and the International Society of Exposure Analysis. This textbook is the primary product of the REAP and it contains contributions from over 30 professionals from a variety of disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, engi­ neering, industrial hygiene, toxicology, pharmacology, and environmental law, reflecting the diverse knowledge and resources necessary to assess and manage potential exposures occurring in and around the home. Expert working groups were organized for each of the 13 chapters to address such issues as U. S. legislation relevant to products used in and around the residence, methods for measuring and modeling exposures across multiple pathways and routes, and distributional data available for key residential exposure factors. This volume is a compendium of information about predictive methods and tools, monitoring methods, data sources, and key variables that characterize exposures in the residential setting. It presents approaches for doing exposure assessments in and around all types of residences. The purpose of the Source Book is to provide a resource for use in educational programs and for "practitioners" of residential exposure assessment. Accordingly, this book is intended for risk assessors, exposure assessors, students, initi­ ates new to the concept of risk assessment, industrial hygienists assessing health hazards in the home, engineers, and monitoring specialists.

Exposing Jack The Stripper

RRP $16.99

Jack the Ripper may get all the fame, but his 1960s counterpart, Jack the Stripper, will really send shivers down your spine. At least six women, all prostitutes, were murdered at his hand--possibly more. Most intriguing of all...he was never caught. The crimes, though often forgotten today, inspired the crime novel "Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square," which Alfred Hitchcock turned into the 1972 movie, "Frenzy." Go inside the hunt for this brutal killer in this gripping short biography.

Mantle And Lower Crust Exposed In Oceanic Ridges And In Ophiolites

RRP $491.99

This volume follows a Specialized Symposium on "Mantle denudation in slow spreading ridges and in ophiolites", held at the XII EUG Meeting in Strasbourg, spring 1993. During the meeting it was felt that the contribu­ tions to the Symposium justified a volume presenting its main scientific achievements. The present title of the volume shows that the center of inter­ est has slightly shifted with respect to the initial objective: in order to under­ stand the processes involved in accretion taking place at oceanic ridges, it is crucial to study the interaction between uppermost mantle and lower crust. The approach favored here is that of petrological and structural analysis of oceanic rocks in present-day oceanic ridges combined with similar studies in ophiolites. Rock specimen collected by submersibles or dredge hauls in oceanic ridge environments provide a "ground truth". However, except for areas such as the MARK (Mid-Atlantic Ridge ne ar Kane fracture zone) where, thanks to multiple submersible dives, the local geology is known with aprecision even better than in many onshore ophiolites, mutual rela­ tionships between uppermost mantle and lower crust are poorly known. In contrast, onshore ophiolites provide a necessary large-scale picture built up over many years of structural and petrological mapping.


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