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A Dialogue Between Praise And Exposition, With Cup

RRP $16.99

In this Dialogue, two characters, Praise (Charismatic/Pentecostal) and Exposition (Evangelical/Reformed) carry on a lively debate over the fundamentals of the faith. The Dialogue begins with the seemingly innocuous question of how long Exposition will have to preach in Praise's church but soon widens to include the fundamentals of the faith, including divergences on worship, preaching, the nature and use of scripture, the church, and election. Toward the end of the Dialogue, Cup, representing the liturgical churches (Orthodox, Catholic, Episcopal, and Lutheran) enters the scene and brings in a whole new perspective on church life.

Ultrasonic Exposimetry

RRP $1.00

Ultrasonic Exposimetry presents the fundamentals of ultrasonics and discusses the theoretical background of acoustic wave generation and reception. Measurements, instrumentation, and interpretation of measured data (including error analysis) are examined in detail.
Ultrasound transducers, including transducers used in diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications, are described. This section also presents a detailed description of transducers used in the recently introduced extracorporeal lithotripsy procedure.
Other topics examined in the book include current trends in labeling and characterizing acoustic devices (including present regulatory requirements and future implications), the operation of state-of-the-art miniature PVDF ultrasonic hydrophones and fiber optic hydrophones, recent advances in transducer calibration and calorimeter and radiation force measurements, and the intricacies of statistical error analysis.
Ultrasonic Exposimetry presents a wealth of invaluable information for students, instructors, researchers, biomedical engineers, and sonographers.

A Familiar Exposition Of The Constitution Of The United States

RRP $298.99

THE POPULAR EDITION OF A LANDMARK STUDY OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION First published in 1833, Joseph Story's three-volume Commentaries on the Constitution (1833) was the first extensive study of the Federal Constitution and the standard work of the antebellum era. Story also produced an abridged one-volume edition for advanced students. A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution is a condensed version of his abridgment designed for general readers. Written in a popular manner, it retains the hallmarks of his original work. "He has done more than any other English-speaking man in this century to make the law luminous and easy to understand." --Oliver Wendell Holmes on Joseph Story, 1886 Apart from James Kent, no man has had greater influence on the development of American law than Joseph Story [1779-1845]. He was Dane Professor of Law at Harvard, where he played a key role in the growth of the school and the establishment of its national eminence, and an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, where he was the author of several landmark decisions, such as Martin v. Hunter's Lessee. His many books, most notably the monumental work Commentaries on the Constitution, have been cited extensively, and he remains an authority today.


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