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RRP $11.99

Thirty lively, ready-to-color illustrations follow a teacher and her class on a field trip to an art museum. From the bus ride and gallery tour to eating lunch and shopping for souvenirs, youngsters will find this coloring book a delightful way to learn about fine art. They'll also have fun matching 23 stickers of world-famous paintings to their frames on the gallery walls. A complete list of titles and artists appears on the inside back cover.

The Art Of Words

RRP $20.99

James, young, attractive, an aggressive, driven CEO of his own company, grew up with loving and caring parents. In the prime of his life he has everything to be envied for, a healthy bank balance, a lovely home, a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. He had it all, or so he thought. But James has allowed money to be his master, so much so that he has little or no interest in his family; he has become entirely self-centred.
Under unusual circumstances at the train station, James has a chance meeting with a man, James is aggressive and dismissive, the man is the opposite, he determinedly challenges James' way of life, his values and ambitions. Can James challenge a man blessed with only the Art of Words? Can he defend his lifestyle and what has become of him, or is he persuaded that there is nothing more important than to love and be loved? Nothing in life is at it appears.

Part Of Me

RRP $17.99

"My dream of becoming a writer is like a fallen leaf swept up by the wind--dancing inches from my reach, teasing, never letting me touch it. But somehow I hope that my life will have meaning one day."
The story begins in 1939 with Rose, who takes a job driving a bookmobile when she moves with her family from rural Texas to the Louisiana bayou. Two decades later, Merle Henry, Rose's son, is more passionate about trapping mink than reading, although there is a place in his heart for Old Yeller. In 1973, Merle Henry's daughter, Annabeth, feels torn between reading fairy tales and a crush on her own real-life knight in shining armor. And in the present day, Annabeth's son, Kyle, finds himself in a bind: he hates reading, but the only summer job he can get is at the library. Touching, lyrical, and always intriguing, this family's story reveals how a love of books creates a powerful bond that spans generations.


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